A missing person’s report led police in Wayne County, Pa., to stumble upon what they are calling a large-scale marijuana-growing operation where at least two people were found dead late Monday.

According to WNEP and the Associated Press, the bizarre case began with a call about the well-being of the property owner, identified as 54-year-old Joseph Mastropole.

Pennsylvania State Police checked out the residence in Wayne County on Monday, but didn’t get any real answers. That led them to execute a search warrant Monday night, during which a gunshot was fired and human remains were found smoldering in a burn barrel.

Police also discovered more than 100 marijuana plants in a barn.

As the AP and WNEP report, 57-year-old Gaston Gomez is who originally spoke to police at the property, providing them a false name. He shot himself dead when they returned with the search warrant, police told the media.

Property owner Joseph Mastropole, 54, (left) remains missing, while 57-year-old Gaston Gomez shot himself dead as police attempted to execute a search warrant on the Wayne County property, where a large pot-growing operations and human remains were then discovered.police photos 

It is unclear at this time what Gomez was doing at the home. But the incident is being labeled a murder-suicide by Wayne County authorities.

As for the human remains in the burn barrel, police still aren’t sure whether the remains are from one victim or more.

More remains were found in the house, as well. These were contained in garbage bags and kept in a freezer, WNEP reports.

An autopsy on all the remains was planned for today.

And Mastropole, the original subject of the welfare check, remains missing at this time.

Said Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards to WNEP:

“While they’re searching the property based on a search warrant

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