5 Psychedelics Friendly Countries

CANNABIS CULTURE – Recently, a lot of countries and states with very strict psychedelic laws are relaxing them.

This is to encourage research on the health benefits of some of these drugs.

In Canada, for instance, while psychedelics remain controlled substances, some are allowed by Health Canada among the country’s Prescription Drug List (PDL) for certain medical purposes. Also, in 2009, New Zealand became the first country to accept ibogaine as a medication.

In the United States, psychedelics are illegal in most states. However, in Oregon, some psychedelics have been legalized in 2020 for mental health treatment. Also, some cities like Denver, Oakland and Santa Cruz have different legislations decriminalizing certain hallucinogens. This has encouraged psychedelics studies and research for health purposes in the country.

We also have various research and learning institutions that are investing heavily in psychedelic studies. Examples are Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelics and Consciousness, The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), The Hakomi Institute, and Imperial College.tO

The legality of psychedelics is a complex topic in most countries due to various drug laws that ban people from using and possessing them. Most countries are parties to the United Nation’s 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances,

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