Bloom Farms says it should be third cannabis dispensary – Porterville Recorder

A representative for Bloom Farms said they should be chosen to establish Porterville’s third cannabis dispensary at Tuesday’s Porterville City Council meeting.

Maria Marrero, who represented Bloom Farms, spoke during the public comment period toward the end of Tuesday’s meeting. Bloom Farms has also stated it has sought legal counsel when it comes to the city selection process for a third dispensary.

At its meeting on Tuesday, the council began to discuss the process of selecting an applicant to operate a third cannabis dispensary. At its meeting on December 21 the council will consider authorizing the Request For Proposal process to accept applicants for that dispensary. That would lead to the city beginning to accept applications on January 3.

It’s the city’s intent to establish a “wholly-locally owned” cannabis dispensary as the third cannabis dispensary. That was an issue with the first two cannabis dispensary awarded to Cannabis Culture Club and Haven which will operate dispensaries downtown.

Both have local ownership, but also include owners from Southern California. The council approved ordinances for both to operate dispensaries in the city earlier this year. City Manager John Lollis said both operations are currently going through the building permit process.

The city has defined a

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