BREAKING NEWS: Mexican Lower Chamber Passes the Cannabis Bill!

Last night, by a considerable majority (310 ayes; 210 nays and 20 abstentions), Mexico’s Lower Chamber approved the Cannabis Law bill sent to it by the Mexican Senate last November. The Cannabis Law was heavily amended prior to passage.

As expected, the Law regulates production and merchandising of cannabis and its derivatives for adult (now openly called “recreational”), research and industrial use. It states that medical use is beyond the scope of the Law, along with cosmetic applications. So what does the Cannabis Law do?

Defined Terms

First and foremost, it defines many terms that are key for the development of the nascent Mexican cannabis industry: e.g., “psychoactive cannabis”, “cannabis production for merchandising”, “recreational (adult) use”, “production for industrial purposes”, “self-consumption” and “hemp”. These definitions draw crucial parameters around permitted concepts and activities, and will flow throughout Mexico’s entire regulatory structure.

Accelerated Timelines

Phased implementation is greatly accelerated, as the transitory provisions of the amended bill provide that 90 days after entry into force all relevant legislation shall be harmonized. Another 90 days after that, the National Commission against Addictions (the “Commission”) shall be fully operational. And yet another 90 days later, the Commission must issue relevant monitoring programs. Finally,

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