Cancer Patients Sue the DEA, Demand Psilocybin

CANNABIS CULTURE – Attorney Kathryn Tucker, who filed the petition said this is a first-of-its-kind lawsuit. “The case is about seeking to ensure that patients with serious, life-threatening illness are able to realize the promise of state and federal Right to Try laws and access psilocybin for therapeutic purposes.”

Attorney Tucker: “In these jurisdictions, one would surely think patients with advanced illness should be able to access controlled substances to elevate and expand consciousness.”

In January of 2021, Tucker wrote a letter to the DEA asking for access to psilocybin under the Right to Try (RTT) Act, which was designed for terminally ill patients who do not have time to wait for drug approval.

Washington state approved RTT in 2017 so that patients could, “pursue the preservation of their own lives by accessing available investigational drugs.” The state said the decision to use these drugs should be made by the patient and their doctor. 

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal said that his patient, Erinn Baldeschwiler, has a right under the law for this medicine to be made available to her immediately. Despite RTT being signed at the federal and state level, and

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