Cannabis for Brazilian Pets and Their Humans

A bill (369/2021) to allow veterinarians to prescribe cannabis products has been introduced in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies. Under the terms of the bill, products must be authorized by the Brazilian regulatory authorities or, in the case of imported products, their counterparts in the country of origin. If the government does not issue specific regulations for veterinary products, the bill provides that products must follow existing rules for human-use products.

As the bill’s statement of motives explains, many Brazilian vets are already prescribing cannabis products. At the moment, veterinary use of cannabis products is neither allowed nor prohibited. The bill seeks to end this “legal limbo,” as it describes the situation.

The bill’s sponsor is Deputy João Carlos Bacelar, of the Podemos party. Interestingly, Podemos is not generally pro-cannabis. As recently as August 20202, Podemos Senator Eduardo Girão described as an “aberration” a separate medical cannabis bill (399/2015), adding that “maconha is a drug that destroys families.” In his view, treating epilepsy is an excuse to normalize cannabis in Brazil, at the behest of the narcobusiness (narconegócio) lobby. (Girão does support the regulatory approval of specific medicines that contain cannabis). For his part, Podemos Deputy Diego Garcia referred to the

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