Council backs medical marijuana regulations, welcoming the industry to operate in Mitchell – The Daily Republic

During Wednesday’s special meeting, the council unanimously approved and adopted the second reading of a pair of ordinances that spell out the city’s regulations for medical marijuana establishments to operate in Mitchell. While medical marijuana officially becomes legal in the state on July 1, City Attorney Justin Johnson emphasized the state’s own set of regulatory provisions in which the city plans to follow likely won’t be adopted until October or November. Therefore, Johnson said the city won’t issue any licenses until the state adopts their own.

“By no means is this meant to be a complete and final document, we may have to tweak it further once we get additional guidance on the state’s regulations,” said City Administrator Stephanie Ellwein.

The city’s medical marijuana roll out comes after voters approved a measure to legalize medical marijuana in South Dakota during the November election. Cities throughout the state now have the authority to roll out their own set of regulations in their respective cities. However, those regulations are subject to change when the state adopts their provisions. Johnson said Mitchell’s ordinances will be no different.

Previously, Johnson highlighted the importance of the city establishing its own regulation measures prior to

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