COVID-19 Vaccination: Favouritism Mars Narwara Dispensary, Locals Ignored – Kashmir Life

SRINAGAR: With the government appealing to people to get vaccinated, the locals from the Narwara area of Srinagar have complained about favouritism during the vaccination process at a local dispensary.

The locals told that a huge chunk of people in the locality are being asked to visit another day for inoculations while only those who are dearer to the officials there are getting the jabs.

They said that no one is paying heed to the registration and other related things as those who are known to the officials at Narwara dispensary are getting the jabs easily while the others are being pushed to the wall.

Khurseed Zargar, son of a famous Sufi poet Ahad Zargar, said he registered himself for vaccination on May 29th but he didn’t get any call from anyone regarding the inoculation.

After waiting for a longer period, he said he reached Narwara dispensary himself where he sought details about the vaccination to the officials. “The official replied that ‘we are not supposed to call anyone for the vaccination dose. The people should visit the dispensary every day to check for their available slot’.”

However, he said that the people coming from

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