Defendant Targets Difficult Dispensary for Robbery, Quickly Detained by Security – The People’s Vanguard of Davis

By William McCurry

SACRAMENTO, CA – Banks might be difficult to rob, but defendant Kevin Thompson in a preliminary trial here in Sacramento County Superior Court last week allegedly took on another difficult target – a  marijuana dispensary with security present.

Two Rivers Dispensary, much like other marijuana dispensaries, has a lobby where you wait to be let into the bud room where all the product is located.

Deputy District Attorney Allison Wieder called Sacramento Police Department officer Michelle Owen, who was dispatched on Nov. 15, 2020 to Two Rivers Dispensary after a “panic alarm” there was activated.

When she arrived Thompson was flat on his stomach near the side of the building with some product from inside the dispensary. She was informed that security told him to get on the ground.

After Owen saw the defendant on the ground, she went inside the dispensary to talk to one of the workers who was working in the bud room. The worker informed her that he heard loud banging on the window that startled him because he thought Thompson was going to break the window.

Shortly after he heard the banging on the window, he saw Thompson walk in the

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