Dispensary Employee Shoot at 5 Armed Masked Robbers; Hits 2 – USA Carry

Dispensary Employee Shoot at 5 Armed Masked Robbers; Hits 2

An employee from Washington dispensary shot at armed robbers and struck two of them, who were discovered to be teenage suspects.

One of the dispensary employees called police around 9:30 PM to report four or five males with guns wearing hoods and masks had robbed their store. He also stated another employee retrieved a gun and shot at the suspects.

Not long after, two 19-year-olds were discovered at a local hospital with gunshot wounds, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office. They were arrested and booked into jail with first-degree robbery.

Several suspects are still on the run as the sheriff’s office urges anyone with information to contact them.

Dispensaries may look like a good score to criminals since most of them operate on cash only. Criminals who want to rob a lucrative place like this should know that they can face a rather difficult road in doing so.

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