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YORK, Pa. — Several investors with plans of getting into the medical marijuana business in Pennsylvania are now wondering, what’s their “Plan “B.”

Nearly three dozen companies applied for permits to produce the drug in south central Pnnsylvania, but only two licenses were available to be granted by the state.

The middle of York City was proposed as the site of a medical marijuana growing and processing plant, but investors aren’t the only ones disappointed to find out that production won’t be moving forward there.

The old brick building on Poplar Street near Queen Street in York has seen better days.

Neighbor Tammy Jess said “it used to be a cigar factory. There used to be two homes that sat here, the back parking lot was an orchard. When I was 10, I lived down here on Queen Street. That’s when it was a sewing factory.”

Jess as well as investors had high hopes that the building’s next incarnation would be that of a medical marijuana growing and processing plant, right in the heart of York.

“I wasn’t too happy about it at first, but with the security and the safety of the neighborhood, for the building and the people that worked here. After figuring out medical marijuana helps people, it would be a good improvement for the neighborhood,” Jess said.

“It’s been empty for years, and it’s just a big eyesore to our block,” Jess added.

Five Leaf Remedies spokeswoman Christina Kauffman said “we had been very optimistic about our application, and about our prospects. It was a bit of a disappointment.”

Five Leaf Remedies was one of nearly three dozen companies competing for two permits to produce medical marijuana in south central Pennsylvania. Now, it’s

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