ERIE, Pa. — A new form of marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in Erie.

Police are confiscating more and more of what’s called “marijuana wax.”

Members of the Erie police drug and vice unit are seeing a rise on the streets of “wax”  —  a concentrated form of a THC — calling it the crack cocaine of marijuana.

Wax is made by extracting THC, the primary ingredient in marijuana, using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, that results in sticky oils or wax.

Investigators say the process to make this wax can be very dangerous since you are dealing essentially with lighter fluid

The wax is found in sheets. Several were recently recovered in a home on Cherry Street after an alleged drug-related stabbing. That victim currently awaiting felony drug charges.

“The main method of ingesting is called dabbing and you basically take a little bit and then they vaporize it in one of those vape pens and then just inhale it,” Lt. Mike Nolan said.

The street value, according to the Pennsylvania DEA runs about $30 a gram, much higher than your basic low-level marijuana.

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