Federal Cannabis Lobbying: Altria Has Entered the Chat

In my experience, lobbying is truly an art and not a science, and a very important art at that. And there’s been no shortage of cannabis lobbying over the years on both the state and federal level. Typically, cannabis trade groups (and there seems to be one for every cannabis topic now, including a recently formed one for cannabis regulators) focus on overall federal legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, but they are also committed to addressing commercial issues, like the notorious banking and tax situations faced by cannabis businesses.

2021 is seems different though when it comes to the cannabis lobby. Why? There are now a significant number of states that have cannabis legalization and/or medicalization and more are contemplating jumping on the bandwagon through legislative action (rather than a vote of the people through the initiatve process). More importantly, the democrats now control the Senate and maybe for the first time in recent history there is a legitimate chance that we’ll see federal legalization of cannabis within the next two years before midterm elections.

What’s even more interesting is to see which companies are joining the cannabis lobby. Probably the biggest splash of all in recent weeks is the

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