Devon >> Walk into the Keystone Shops Dispensary on Lancaster Avenue in Devon, past the lobby and into the showroom. There glass cases, reminiscent of a jewelry store, stand ready and waiting to be filled with medical marijuana products.

But to get to that display room, once the shop is open, you will need to be a medical marijuana patient registered with the state, with an identification card and a prescription from a doctor who is registered to prescribe medical cannabis.

The nascent medical marijuana industry is tightly controlled, said Dr. Louis van de Beek, chief medical officer and one of the partners in the Keystone Shops, which will also open locations in King of Prussia and Upper Darby.

Patients suffering from 17 ailments can qualify for medical marijuana treatments in Pennsylvania, including ALS, Autism, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and MS. Patients will be screened in the lobby area to be sure they are qualified to come into the secure area beyond a locked door, said Jason Mitchell, general manager.

“We’ll have all the available products on display out here,” said Mitchell, gesturing to the glass cases. The walls are a soothing gray and the decor is accented with natural wood. A small office next to the lobby will serve as an area for a medical marijuana consultant to discuss treatment options with patients. The medical marijuana products will include oils, creams, tinctures, liquids and pills but not plant material that could be smoked.

“Many doctors will decide to let the dispensary decide what the patient needs,” said van de Beek. Even before the dispensary opens, “We’ll start doing consultations as soon as possible,” he said.

While health insurance companies do not cover medical marijuana, discounts are planned through the state Health Department for those with lower incomes. The Keystone

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