A biomedical company bidding on one of a limited number of state permits to grow, process and dispense medical marijuana has designated Indiana County as one of its intended sites.

Agrimed Industries has announced plans to open a medical cannabis distribution center in Indiana, if the state grants the company a permit. The licenses are expected to be awarded in early summer.

Agrimed President Rahsaan Peak and company Vice President Hawthorne Conley first explored Indiana County as a distribution site in January, working through the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development and Indiana County Chamber of Commerce. They met with local real estate agents to search for a location, contacted municipal officials to assure zoning and land use compliance, and went public with their plan Wednesday at the bimonthly meeting of the Indiana County board of commissioners.

Agrimed has applied for permits both as a grower and processor and as a dispensary for marijuana, which was legalized for medical use by Act 16 of 2016, a law signed by Gov. Tom Wolf in April. Agrimed met the state’s application deadline on Monday.

The law allows production of the active chemical components of the marijuana plant as pills, sublingual strips, capsules, ointments, oil for vaporizers and transdermal patches, but Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that prohibits the plant from being dried and cleaned for smoking.

Peak said Agrimed expects to provide medical marijuana to cure or ease symptoms for a long list of medical conditions ranging from glaucoma to cancer to epilepsy, but especially chronic pain in patients for whom conventional treatments including opioid therapy has been ineffective. While opioid analgesics are regarded as the most effective pharmaceuticals for killing pain, they carry with them a significant risk of addiction. Physician-supervised use of cannabis for relief of

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