Former Sheriff's Captain Sentenced to Prison for Illegal Gun Deals and Corruption – Department of Justice

Assistant U. S. Attorneys Nicholas Pilchak (619) 546-9709 or Andrew Haden (619) 546-6961


SAN DIEGO – Former San Diego County Sheriff’s Captain Marco Garmo was sentenced to two years in prison today for years of unlawful firearms transactions and for an array of corrupt conduct relating to unlicensed marijuana dispensaries operating in his former jurisdiction. 

In pronouncing sentence, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel said that Garmo’s conduct demonstrated arrogance reaching a level where Garmo was “almost becoming a mob boss of sorts” in picking winners and losers and dispensing unlawful favors to friends and family.

Garmo admitted in pleading guilty in September that he had acted as an unlicensed firearm dealer, buying almost 150 weapons and re-selling almost 100 over a period of roughly six years. A number of those transactions involved “straw purchases,” where Garmo acquired firearms for others by falsely claiming that they were for him. This was an important part of Garmo’s firearms dealing because California law limits the initial purchase of certain newer handguns to law enforcement officers only. 

In his plea agreement, Garmo admitted that one of his goals in selling so many guns was profit, but another

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