Freemasons and the Search for Soma

CANNABIS CULTURE – Curiously, the identity and ritual use of Soma, as well as the use of entheogens, has been a shared area of interest of some very well known Masonic figures.

I have written about the search for the identities of the ancient elixirs known in the Vedas as Soma and in the Avestan as Haoma elsewhere, with detailed articles exploring the pros and cons of such candidates as Syrian Rue, Mushrooms and Cannabis. When I was researching my book on cannabis and the occult, Liber 420, I was very surprised to learn that the identity of soma was an interest of some very well known masonic Historians. Further, since I was invited to do a zoom conference on this topic for the Federal Lodge no. 1 in Washington DC, last April, I think we can consider it a current interest of many modern Masons as well.

An 1868 edition of The Masonic Trowel, opened with an article ‘The Symbolism of Sacred Plants’, by the noted Masonic authority Dr. Albert G. Mackey (1807-1881) who served as Grand Lecturer and Grand Secretary of The Grand Lodge of South Carolina, as well as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of

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