Girl Scouts are forced by leaders to stop selling cookies outside Michigan marijuana dispensary – Daily Mail

Outrage as enterprising Girl Scouts are banned by troop leaders from selling cookies outside busy Michigan marijuana dispensary – as store owner immediately buys 300 boxes and blasts organization for crushing the girls’ ‘entrepreneurial spirit’Last weekend, members of the Oakland County Girl Scouts set up shop to sell cookies outside of the Green House of Walled Lake Cannabis storeIt was a raging success and the group sold over 1000 boxes in just six hoursOthers asked Millen if they could also sell outside his store which he approved However, the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan council pulled the plug, insisting that selling cookies outside of marijuana facilities was against policyThat claim was later denied by the group, insisting GSSM has no policy prohibiting the sale of cookies anywhere and there had been a mistake Millen bought 300 boxes of the cookies from the girls who were prohibitedBy Saturday, the decision was reversed and troops returned to Greenhouse

Girl Scouts in Michigan were forced by troop leaders to stop selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary, outraging the store’s owner

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