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2 “Strong Buy” Penny Stocks That Could Go Boom

Arguably the most controversial on the Street, penny stocks are a hot-button issue. Usually, there isn’t a lot of middle-ground with respect to these tickers priced for less than $5 apiece. Dividing market watchers into two distinct groups, both sides present valid arguments laying out the pros and cons. Sure, there is reason enough to be skeptical. Often, a cheap stock is cheap for a reason, with the low share price potentially reflecting an underlying problem with the business, whether it be poor fundamentals or unbeatable headwinds. That said, a bargain price tag isn’t always indicative of a lost cause. For some, better days are on the horizon, and for very little money, investors can control a lot more shares. Therefore, even minor upward movements could result in massive percentage gains, and thus, significant returns. As the nature of these investments makes it difficult to gauge the strength of their long-term growth prospects, one effective stock selecting strategy is to follow the analysts’ advice. Using TipRanks’ database, we locked in on two penny stocks that have garnered glowing reviews from the Street, enough to earn a “Strong Buy” consensus rating. Not to

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