HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Armed guards could be protecting a medical marijuana facility near you. Are they needed and are they being trained?

The ABC27 Investigators were invited to go inside a security training class focused strictly on protecting medical marijuana. The man behind the class says security is a concern in the industry.

“This is the first class we are putting on right now in the state of Pennsylvania,” said Ted Daniels, executive director of the National Cannabis Security Association.

Daniels, a Pennsylvania native, was on the forefront of security at medical marijuana facilities in states like Colorado and California. He knows what can happen if they are not protected properly.

“They have huge targets on their backs,” he said. “On average, every cultivation or dispensary will be robbed or burglarized once every two years and those are just the cold hard stats.”

Which is one of the reasons why Pennsylvania is taking security at medical marijuana facilities seriously.

“We have taken examples of what to do and what not to do from each other state and really created a model program that I believe is going to lead the nation on this issue,” said Eric Hagarty, a special assistant to Gov. Tom Wolf.

Like some other states, Pennsylvania will require dispensaries and growers to track the medicine from seed to sale. The state also requires all facilities to have monitored alarm systems, 24-hour surveillance, and someone checking identification at dispensaries.

“Patients will only be able to get in after receiving a medical marijuana ID card from the Department of Health,” Hagarty said. “Folks aren’t just coming and going. You’ve got to have an ID card and you will be checked at the door before you get in.”

It is not necessarily the medicine that could attract criminals but

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