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When looking to purchase medical marijuana, a visit to a dispensary can be similar to a trip to a spa on Rodeo Drive or boutique shop in Soho. At some stores, such as Jane Dispensary, opening at 6662 Delmar Boulevard in the Delmar Loop this spring, expect sleek wood paneling with gold trim, high-fashion lighting, and bespoke packaging. Likewise, there are experts on the subject, somewhat like a sommelier, in that they understand the science, product, and how to curate an experience. Terrence Laherty, Purchasing and Compliance Manager at Jane Dispensary, answered some burning questions about navigating a dispensary when purchasing medical marijuana in Missouri.

Can you explain some of the different types of cannabis strains? There are many strains of cannabis, and most are a mix between indica and sativa, which we call hybrid. Depending on the strain, many either lean toward indica or sativa. Many lean heavy in one direction, at 90 percent in either direction, or can be a good 50/50 mix between the two subtypes. Indica strains tend to have characteristics expressed in effects that lean toward a heavy body high, deep relaxation, and anti-anxiety. When looking for an indica or indica-dominant strain, you want

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