Updated: Jun 2, 2017 – 8:13 PM

SAXONBURG, Pa. – Inspectors showed up at a Saxonburg slaughterhouse looking for violations, but instead they found evidence of a marijuana growing operation. Now, the people who were renting the plant are in jail.

Troopers said the suspects told the owner of the business they were packaging meat, when police said they were really packaging pot.

State police said Phillip Mironov and Ebraheim Salem, both of Pittsburgh, were operating a marijuana business on a property in Saxonburg for almost a year.

There is a no trespassing sign posted on the land but farther down the driveway is a slaughterhouse that is no longer in business. 


Troopers said the men were producing marijuana there to sell on the streets.

The operation went unnoticed until a routine inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture made officers aware of what was going on.

Once on the property, USDA inspectors said they could smell marijuana from 50 yards away. According to the criminal complaint, they found four large grow rooms, confiscated fans, lights and growing chemicals inside the plant. Outside, they seized 74 plants.

While state police were raiding the place, the suspects showed up and were arrested.

Both suspects are charged with a number of drug crimes.

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