Kansas to Hold Medical Cannabis Hearing This Week

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Kansas State Legislature has begun hearing arguments on House Bill 2184 to decriminalize cannabis for medical use, a bill largely spearheaded by the Kansas Cannabis Business Association (KCBA).  Kansas is one of several states where cannabis is still illegal in all forms with the exception of CBD.  

Two years ago the KCBA began working with a coalition of pro-legalization groups, and they will be presenting to the House as lead proponents as well as responsible for coordinating relevant testimony. 

In an interview with Cannabis Culture, KCBA co-presidents Erin Montroy and Andy Ericson spoke about what they hope to achieve in this round of the legislative process.  “This is the first step,” said Ericson.  “Our main goal is to bring about a market for the state of Kansas, and one that brings about the most economic value, with the end goal to bring recreational (cannabis use) to the state.”

Over the last decade, Kansas has introduced more than 18 cannabis bills to try and get the cannabis market to the state, and only 1 or 2 of the bills have made it past the initial committee. 

Ericson says, “Kansas has an incredibly Conservative legislature and has for

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