Keshawn Warner Went From Being Arrested For Cannabis To Leading A Multi-Million Dollar Dispensary – Yahoo Finance


A cannabis entrepreneur has shared how a tragic event from the past led him to lead a thriving company.

Keshawn Warner is behind Dazed, a cannabis dispensary based in New York and Massachusetts. However, before becoming one of its co-founders, in 2008, the New York City native was subjected to the war on drugs as he was arrested for attempting to buy cannabis during a sting operation, per Business Insider. The arrest resulted in Warner being unable to secure a job despite being a Norfolk State University graduate with a degree in computer science.

“From then on, whenever I tried to apply for jobs, I was denied, even though I was qualified,” Warner said, according to the outlet. “They never told me why, but you know what you’re being disqualified for — because of your record that comes up in a background search.”

While the opposition was heavy, it didn’t keep Warner down. He recounted officially venturing into the cannabis industry after being a longtime user and selling it every so often.

After being inspired by a dispensary in Denver around 2017, Warner opened Dazed in Massachusetts — one of the first states to legalize weed on the East Coast — with his

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