Legalization Means New Pot Jobs For New Yorkers, From Bud Trimmers to Master Extractors

New York doesn’t look or smell different since the state legalized adult-use cannabis in April. New Yorkers are still puffing pot openly on the sidewalks, just like they were before. But big changes are coming. Legalization is projected to produce not just truckloads of legal weed, but tens of thousands of legit jobs, too. New York, hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, could use some job creation, and legalization could be its well-timed windfall for mass employment in form of pot jobs for New Yorkers.

Governor Andrew Cuomo estimated that recreational legalization would “eventually” create 30,000 to 60,000 jobs. He did not expound on the timeline.  But an economic report from The New School in February estimates that adult-use legalization in New York will generate 50,806 jobs by fiscal year 2027, with $2.6 billion in retail sales. 

These jobs range from bud trimmers and bud tenders to higher-paid specialists like chemists, botanists, engineers and master extractors.

The weed recovery is not just a pipedream. The Empire State is already showing signs of economic revitalization stemming from cannabis. Green Thumb Industries, a multi-billion-dollar cannabis company from Chicago, purchased a former prison in Warwick and plans to turn it into a cannabis manufacturing operation. Warwick is

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