Lemon Grove City Council upholds denials of two marijuana dispensary stores – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Two medical cannabis dispensaries proposed for Lemon Grove by one-time mayoral hopeful Christopher Williams were turned down last week by the Lemon Grove City Council.

The council voted 3-1 on both appeals, with City Councilwoman Liana LeBaron opposed and Mayor Racquel Vasquez absent for personal reasons, to uphold city staff’s findings that both sites are too close to protected uses.

Measure V, passed by Lemon Grove voters in 2016, allows for medical marijuana dispensaries in the city provided they reach certain benchmarks. One of the criteria is that a dispensary cannot be within 1,000 feet of sensitive areas including schools, licensed day care centers, parks, playgrounds, and alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers.

One of Williams’ planned shops, at 8260 Broadway, was deemed too close to St. John of the Cross, a church that also is home to a preschool and a K-8 school. The other proposed store, at 2295 Lemon Grove Ave., was too close to two licensed daycare facilities, staff said.

Williams has been denied zoning clearances for both sites several times since 2017 — three times for the Broadway site and twice for the Lemon Grove Avenue site. Every time Williams has appealed the decisions, the City Council has upheld city

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