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Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is one of the fastest growing CBD Dispensary chains in the country. Mary Jane’s CBD recognizes the many health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) and wants to make information about CBD as well as CBD itself accessible to anybody that needs it. With 9 physical locations, and many more to come, Mary Jane’s will provide you the best service and product possible.

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary offers customers an alternative to harmful pharmaceutical drugs, providing their customers with quality-made CBD Hemp products. The company is passionate about CBD and the cannabis movement as a whole and works with the goal of spreading health and wellness by making CBD accessible to all that seek it.

Mary Jane’s CBD prides themselves on customer satisfaction. The company is based in Texas, but has a platform that can serve various cities across the United States. They provide products for all things CBD from vapes to flowers to accessories and more. 

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As it stands, Mary Jane’s CBD is one of fastest growing multi-state retailers of CBD wellness products with 11 locations across 4 states, and are on track to have

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