Mayor, city councilors want cannabis dispensaries far from main streets, schools and churches – KOAT New Mexico

Mayor Tim Keller is backing a proposal that has cannabis producers worried.”I don’t understand any reason for the rules,” said Ben Lewinger, executive director of the New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. “They don’t seem to increase safety it just seems to increase the stigmatizes of cannabis.”The ordinance would limit any marijuana dispensary to operate within 300 feet from any school, daycare, church or residential neighborhood It also says they can’t open within 660 feet from any main street.”Based on the rules now it is pretty hard to find a place this far away of the school, this far away from a daycare,” Lewinger said.City councilor Trudy Jones, who is one of two sponsors of the ordinance said she wants to make sure that cannabis is being sold in the right areas.“We just want to get ahead of it and make sure that we can make this legal but also safe for the people in the community as possible,” Jones said. “We want to make sure we can make this legal and safe for the community as possible.”The ordinance is scheduled to be heard by the entire city council next month.“(We want to) just to make it fit in

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