Justice Grown Pennsylvania LLC received a permit from the state Department of Health to dispense medical marijuana from a site in Edwardsville. To view a redacted version of the application, visit

A company awarded a medical marijuana dispensary permit by the state Thursday will locate its facility at the Gateway Shopping Center in Edwardsville.

The local dispensary operated by Justice Grown Pennsylvania LLC would be its entry into the state after having established operations in Illinois and California.

Meanwhile, Columbia Care Pennsylvania LLC received a permit for a dispensary on Keyser Avenue in Scranton. The company identified 765 Kidder St. in Wilkes-Barre as its second location and a third in Blakeslee, Monroe County.

Abbe Kruger of Shavertown, chief executive officer of Justice Grown’s Pennsylvania affiliate, said the dispensary should be operational by early next year.

A former attorney, Kruger said she has a personal connection with the company founded by civil rights attorneys in Chicago. She described them as social activists in tune with giving back to the community, and they see the opportunity to do that here with the dispensary.

“It was really easy for me to line up with this group,” Kruger said.

Justice Grown received one of the 27 permits awarded by the department as part of the Medical Marijuana Act signed into law last year by Gov. Tom Wolf. The recipients have six months to begin dispensing medical marijuana processed from growers awarded permits last week. Patients under the care of a physician for treatment of a serious medical condition spelled out in the law will be able to obtain oil, tincture and cream forms of the medical marijuana. It will not be available in plant form for smoking, however.

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