Medical marijuana dispensary’s new owner hopes to help more patients – KX NEWS

Two of the eight medical marijuana dispensaries in North Dakota are now under new ownership… with a new name.

Medical marijuana was legalized in North Dakota in 2016. As of February 18, there are 4,796 registered medical marijuana patients in the state. The owner of Pure Dakota Health says he’s hoping to help more patients.

Casey Neumann, CEO of Pure Dakota Health says, the locations are both locally owned by both the cultivator and the manufacturer. He says this business model works better for everyone, especially for patient education purposes.

Neumann says, “It’s caring for the patient personally, getting to know them and making sure that when they leave here, they wholeheartedly feel like they had a great experience.”

A great experience because of the heart behind the business: the employees.

Neumann explains, “For instance, in our cultivation and manufacturing , every person that currently works for us, which is an excess of 20 people, are all originally from North Dakota, normally small towns or right from Bismarck here.”

All of the previous employees of Harvest will still work for the new owner. He says the team is cohesive and create a family atmosphere that’s welcoming for the patients.


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