Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of stories on medical cannabis and how its legalization will impact Pennsylvanians.

PITTSBURGH >> One family’s journey helped inspire a Netflix documentary and spawned new life-saving research at the University of Pennsylvania. Another family has a child that has begun to no longer need medication for her severe illness because cannabis oils changed her life. Still another successfully challenged the Mexican Department of Health in court over its laws against medical marijuana.

All three were on hand for the Cannabis and Children panel discussion at the first-ever World Medical Cannabis Conference in Pittsburgh.

Three parents with children with special needs talked about how giving daily doses of cannabis oils to their children helped improve their quality of life.


“Children, yes, use cannabis,” said Andrew Hard, CEO of CMW Media, who moderated the hour-long panel. “It’s great for them and it’s great for their health. Yes, that may be a controversial thing to say, but yes, it also very much is the right thing.”

The following stories are examples of the powerful effects of medical marijuana on those who needed it the most.

Harper Howard

Harper Howard was born April 12, 2010, with a rare non-hereditary, life-threatening genetic disorder called CDKL5, which causes difficult to control seizures.

Her mother, Penny Howard, of suburban Dallas, described the nightmare of watching their 19-month old-daughter have 40 seizures a day and feeling helpless. When Harper wasn’t having a seizure, she was emotionless and didn’t respond to any stimulation.

“It threw us into a whirlwind,” said Howard.

For three years the family lived in hell. They tried 10 different kinds of medications on Harper but none of them helped. The therapists at her school threatened to remove her because she wasn’t showing signs of improvement.

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