Pennsylvania’s Republican House Speaker Mike Turzai, a leader of anti-tax and social conservatives who has helped drive austerity in state budgeting, will run for governor.

Turzai, 58, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he will seek the Republican nomination in May’s primary election to challenge Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, who is running for a second four-year term.

In an interview in a Wexford diner, Turzai called himself a “reformer with results.” But, he said, “to really make a difference you have to be governor, and you need a strong leader in that position.”

Turzai, who lives in suburban Pittsburgh, is entering what is now a four-person Republican primary field. Turzai floated his potential candidacy last spring, but stayed quiet about his plans while embroiled in this year’s months-long budget stalemate.

Turzai is the most prominent budget hawk in Republican leadership, and has been a constant adversary of Wolf’s, particularly in the two drawn-out budget fights since Wolf became governor in 2015. He even has been a bane to some Republicans, driving a harder bargain when moderates or other conservatives were ready to compromise on a bigger tax increase to prop up the state’s deficit-riddled finances.

Turzai will not run for his House seat if he wins the primary, and intends to remain speaker during the campaign.

Also running are York County state Sen. Scott Wagner and two first-time candidates from the Pittsburgh area: former health care systems consultant Paul Mango and lawyer Laura Ellsworth.

Turzai, a lawyer and former county prosecutor, has the most political experience of the candidates, having been in office since 2001. He is an experienced fundraiser, helping spearhead fundraising efforts for the House GOP, the chamber’s majority party since early 2011. That was the year he became majority leader, before taking the speaker’s office

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