Most Affected: Tony DeJohn Never Believed He’d Be Sentenced To Life In Prison For A Plant

“They took 17 years of my life,” said Tony DeJohn, a former nonviolent cannabis lifer who was recently granted clemency as part of the Trump administration’s final list of commutations before leaving office. 

Prior to his arrest, DeJohn was living in his native Syracuse, New York, with his wife, Jill. He was always close to his mother, Betty, and had a similar relationship with his mother-in-law, Wilda. 

Working in construction, he had prior run-ins with the law—a psilocybin charge in 1998 and one for cannabis that led to him being locked up for a few years. While his record wasn’t spotless, DeJohn did not have a history of violence or any other wrongdoings besides the two busts.

Allegations state that Tony DeJohn was part of a 13-plus person distribution operation across central New York, spanning three counties. Police allege the group distributed thousands of pounds of cannabis each year, totaling $13.5 million in revenue per year.  

DeJohn’s home would be raided, with assets seized. He would face several charges, including conspiracy possession and the intent to distribute. He was also charged with possessing firearms as a convicted felon.

The charge DeJohn took the

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