Nature's Medicines Marijuana Dispensary Supports Phoenix nonprofits Tom's Palms, Mulligan's Manor – Phoenix New Times

Marijuana businesses in Arizona are chipping into local nonprofits to puff, puff, pass not just blunts but love for those who rely on charity for survival.

“The only love you get to keep is the love you give away,” Sheena Williams, vice president of Phoenix non-profit Tom’s Palms said.

Four years ago, Williams and Tammy Broselaw met in a park near Thomas Road and 32nd Street to hand out spaghetti, cookies, and salads to homeless individuals. That same day, police warned them they could get a ticket or even be arrested for giving away food without proper paperwork.

Now, their 501(c)(3) non-profit doles out 1,000 meals to homeless communities every 60 days, as well as toiletries, clothes, and other donations. With help from Nature’s Medicines Dispensary and other cannabis companies and dispensaries, the organization has grown rapidly.

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