New Jersey Governor Considering Change In Law Regarding Underage Cannabis Use

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy indicated this week that he is in favor of a change to the state’s new marijuana law that would allow law enforcement to notify parents of an underage individuals’ first-time pot offense. 

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, the Democrat said he’s receptive to the tweak to the law he signed late last month.

“I personally think that’s a step in the right direction, and so we’ll see where that goes,” Murphy said, as quoted by “It’s got a ways to go, but as a conceptual matter…I support that direction.”

As explained, the bill that Murphy signed only a couple weeks ago “removed all criminal penalties and fines for such offenses, replacing them with escalating warnings.” “Under that, the first warning will go to the juvenile only, the second to a parent and the third as a referral to drug education or treatment programs,” the website reported.

A number of lawmakers immediately expressed misgivings with the idea that a minor could get busted for pot without their parents being notified. Last week, a trio of Democratic legislators—State Sen. Vin Gopal

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