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New Jersey marijuana regulators are accepting public comments on a proposal that would create a new permit to allow “clinically focused” dispensaries to enter into partnerships with research institutions to carry out cannabis studies using products that they grow or sell to patients.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) said it is seeking to amend the state’s marijuana law to create “clinical registrant permits” that would allow more targeted research into “the therapeutic or palliative efficacy of medical cannabis,” among other study topics, without relying on outsourced products.

The clinical registrants would be authorized to carry out activities such as growing, manufacturing and selling marijuana just like other traditional dispensary licensees. But they’d also be able to enter into a “written contractual relationship with an academic medical center in the region in which it has its principal place of business” in order to “engage in clinical research related to the use of medical cannabis.”

In other words, researchers would be able to conduct clinical trials with patients in the state, using the very products patients are buying from dispensaries.

The comments you offer can help to shape what is finally adopted. Clinical Registrant comment period ends October 6th,

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