New York Has Banned Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC and New York are two topics that have been making headlines in the cannabis world lately. Delta-8 has been reported upon for being a controversial compound that is legal through a loophole, and New York has been in the news for making recreational cannabis legal. Now, the two are making headlines again, this time together, because New York has banned Delta-8 THC. 

Under new New York Health Department regulations released last week, CBD retailers who sell Delta-8 have to cease operations, meaning there won’t be a booming Delta-8 market to match the newly legal cannabis market in the profitable and now-cannabis-friendly state. 

“There is no way I can keep it going in New York,” said Yardly Burgess, owner of Empire CBD, who had to close all of his shops in various towns in NewYork State. “Delta-8 is what helped my business grow.”

The loophole in legality comes because Delta-8 THC is made from hemp, not THC-containing cannabis, but it can produce a similar sense of euphoria to the classic THC high. And the compounds are remarkably similar, as the THC compound that gets the user lifted is a close relative, Delta-9 THC

The news that New York has banned Delta-8 THC isn’t

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