Newest O’Fallon, Mo. dispensary has drive-thru –

O’FALLON, Mo. – During the pandemic, contactless pickup became very popular. The newest dispensary opening in O’Fallon Missouri has a drive-thru for that reason.   

David Zordan, the Chief Operating Officer for Terrabis, the medical marijuana dispensary to open in O’Fallon, said their drive-thru window is a result of the new way we shop.  

Zordan said cancer patients often use medical marijuana for relief. The drive-thru window allows them to remain in their own space and feel safe. Plus, it’s convenient.  

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“It’s something patients can use to increase the speed of their transactions,” Zordan said. “You don’t have to get out of your car, you don’t have to have someone watch your kids at home, you just whip through the drive-thru and you are able to be serviced just like if you were at a McDonald’s.”

You do have to place your order in advance online, then Terrabis will let you know when it is ready and you swing by and pick it up. 

Terrabis also has stores in Creve Coeur and Hazelwood. Right now, only the O’fallon

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