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The Normal Town Council meeting on Monday dealt primarily with approving special operations permits for two cannabis dispensaries.

The proposed dispensaries would be located at 106 Mall Drive, near Shoppes at College Hill, and at 1069 Northbrook Drive, near the Main Street I-55 exit.

Residents who spoke in front of the council cited concerns about the social impacts of dispensaries, along with concerns regarding traffic and congestion in the proposed areas.

The council unanimously approved High Haven, located at 106 Mall Drive, after the business resubmitted its permit request following the alteration of their building plans to add more parking.

The council approved the other dispensary Revolution, located at 1069 Northbrook Drive, with a vote of 5-2. The opposing council members justified their challenging of the proposal with concerns about traffic and parking in the area.

The council also approved permits for two other businesses: an outdoor kennel and a gaming facility.

Additionally, the council accepted bids for storm sewer and sump pump improvements across the town, aimed to improve drainage in certain areas.

The Normal Town Council rejected a bid for the 2023 Beech Street Pavement Replacement Project.

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