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The Oakland Park City Commission approved a conditional use request from One Plant, a medical marijuana dispensary, to open its doors in the city.

The building is currently a vacant restaurant space and the business needed approval to turn the structure at 499 E. Oakland Park Boulevard into a dispensary. The vote passed 4-1 after a quasi-judicial hearing, with Vice Mayor Michael Carn being the one dissenting vote.

“This is meeting security standards; it’s a highly secure facility, the landscape improvements are pretty phenomenal,” Mayor Jane Bolin said of the plans from the business. “If you can imagine how it will actually increase the look and feel of that particular part of Oakland Park Boulevard, it’s pretty amazing.”

One Plant has eight locations around the state, including Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Port St. Lucie. It sells medical marijuana for patients with a prescription written by their doctor for ailments such as anxiety and pain. On its website, products include marijuana flower, pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and cartridges for vape pens.

There are currently no medical marijuana dispensaries in Oakland Park. The commission did approve another facility, but construction has not started on that one yet. Floridians voted to legalize medical

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