PA Marijuana Card

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Cards

How to apply for PA marijuana identification card.

Medical Marijuana Cards are available to residents of PA that have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions to be recommended medical cannabis under state laws. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has developed the process to obtain a medical marijuana ID card.

In order to take part in the medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, a patient must first register for the program by creating a profile in the Medical Marijuana Registry.

Once registered a patient must be examined by an certified physician who will determine whether or not the patient qualifies for the program. After examining a patient, if approved, a physician will enter the certification into the Medical Marijuana Registry system.

The patient must then complete their online application before a medical marijuana ID card is issued by mail. A Pennsylvania medical marijuana ID card costs $50 per year. And an annual visit to your certified physician generally costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $200, give or take.

Approved patients are allowed to possess a 30-day supply of marijuana or cannabis oils, cannabinoid infused edibles, pills, vape oils, and ointments. Interestingly, although patients are allowed to purchase dried marijuana, smoking the product is prohibited in the state of Pennsylvania. As a result patients who purchase dried flower must consume it using a dry herb vaporizer, or via cooking methods. The same goes for oils. Essentially, if you are caught smoking marijuana or cannabis oil you’ll be charged with illegal possession under the state’s marijuana laws.

Would you like to be connect with a doctor certified to get cannabis as well as receive updates on the Pennsylvania Marijuana Card program? Fill out the MMJ Patient Registration Form below & hit send.

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