HARRISBURG — Hundreds of applicants have asked for licenses to grow or sell medical marijuana in Pennsylvania — including dozens in the state’s southeastern corner — but officials on Wednesday said they would not disclose the locations of any proposed facilities.

In their first accounting of the flood of applications, Health Department officials said they received more than 500 packages by the March 20 submission deadline, and have sifted through 258 applications. Among those were 31 applications to grow and process medical marijuana in Philadelphia or its suburbs, and 61 to dispense the drug in an eight-county region including the city.

But unlike when gambling license applications were under review a decade ago under Gov. Ed Rendell, officials said the Wolf administration would not release the names of the people applying or the locations where they want to grow or sell the drug.

Health Secretary Karen Murphy said addresses would be made public only after permits were awarded, which officials were hoping would be by the end of June. The administration will give out 12 grower licenses — two in Southeastern Pennsylvania — and 27 permits that would allow up to 81 dispensaries, where prescriptions could be filled, across the state.

Health Department leaders said the office was going through each envelope and box, logging the paperwork and sending the contents to a panel of experts reviewing and scoring each bid. They declined to say who was on the panel or how big it was. Officials said they would release the remaining list of applicant companies in four to six weeks.

The department on Wednesday disseminated a two-column, six-page table listing only corporate entity names of applicants and in which of the six regions they hoped to operate. Asked why the administration was withholding locations, Murphy said such disclosure would be premature. 

“That’s important

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