Pennsylvania: Marijuana Sales Starts Strong Even With Limits

PENNSYLVANIA, USA – During the first few days of the launching of medical marijuana sales, Pennsylvania’s stock has been limited, but in general, it was victorious. Limited shares are due to a single distributor, but this does not concern most of the businessmen.

As of February 15, there were a total of six dispensaries which started to sell medical marijuana as oils and concentrates. These stores are namely – Cresco Yeltrah in Butler, Organic Remedies in Enola, Solevo in Pittsburgh, Keystone Canna Remedies in Bethlehem, Keystone Shops in Devon, and TerraVida Holistic Center in Sellersville.

Victor Guadagnino, Keystone Canna’s owner, said that they are trying their best to go through their store operations in weeks while waiting for the marijuana growers online. As of the moment, Cresco Yeltrah in Butler, lone processor, and producer of cannabis, products are available in their store, and they are still for sale. Other stores have also sold their supplies by the weekend, but scarcity never became an issue for them.

Since Pennsylvania’s governor, Gov. Tom Wolf approved and signed the legalization of medical marijuana, the pharmaceutical market in Pennsylvania has shown significant improvements in marijuana sales since the start of 2016. This legalization came from several years of constant discussions and setbacks but, with its’ marijuana sales, Pennsylvania is now aiming to become one of the largest medical marijuana markets.

Pennsylvania has over 700 doctors who are processing the completion of certifying patients. Almost 3,000 of these patients now have their Identification cards for purchasing medical marijuana. A total of 17,000 patients are registered to the program which consists of 17 illnesses including severe pain.

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The state’s laws affirmed over 50 licenses for dispensaries and 25 permits for those who cultivate marijuana.

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