Pennsylvania regulators are proposing an online registry that would let patients seeking medical marijuana find doctors who can certify them to get it.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health released the proposal this week and asked for feedback on it, particularly from the medical community, via an online survey.

The medical community has expressed concerns about medical marijuana, with groups like the Pennsylvania Medical Society opposing the bill that authorized Pennsylvania’s law because they said more research is needed.

Doctors will not be required to participate in the medical marijuana program. Those who choose to will have to complete a four-hour training course before they can be listed in the registry, according to the proposal, and will have restrictions including not being allowed to advertise that they can certify patients to receive medical marijuana.

Pennsylvania Medical Society noted that doctors would be able to let the dispensary determine the form of medical marijuana a patient receives.

The law was authorized last year, and the department says is expected to be fully implemented “by 2018.” It legalizes some forms of medical marijuana — but not smoking — for those with certain diseases.

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