Plan for medical marijuana now, Dingman supervisors say – The Pike County Courier

As state begins to issue licenses, supervisors consider how a licensed grower or dispensary in Dingman might affect zoning and safety

Published Apr 27, 2017 at 3:12 pm (Updated Apr 27, 2017)

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By Anya Tikka

DINGMAN TOWNSHIP — As Pennsylvania sets up a system to grow, sell, and regulate medical marijuana, what does that mean for towns like Dingman?

Township supervisors said they want to be ready for what’s coming.

“Town supervisors meet from time to time and discuss issues, and this is one that’s coming up,” said supervisor’s Chair Tom Mincer at a recent board meeting.

For example, he said, they talked about what will happen if a government employee uses medical marijuana.

“What happens if an employee of ours has a marijuana garden in his house driving one of our vehicles?” Mincer asked.

“I suppose medical marijuana doesn’t have THC in it,” said township secretary/treasurer Karen Kleist, referring to the chemical compound in cannabis that gives a euphoric high

Mincer believes the doses in the medical product are low but that even the lowest doses can still have an effect.

“I think it must have something left in marijuana oils and pills,” he said.

“But not as bad as smoking weed,” added Kleist. Just like how much one drinks, she said, it depends on how much a person smokes.

The question of dispensaries also came up.

“How does a dispensary fit in here?” asked Mincer. “And what if someone builds a growing facility in our township? Companies are applying right now, very large companies. They come out of Colorado, California. These are very large companies with a lot of money behind them putting them to bid.”

Location, locationZoning laws will also need to be considered, he said.

“How does a marijuana dispensary fit in our zoning laws?” Mincer asked.

Dingman may someday face the situation of a township worker with

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