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Goldman Sachs Predicts Over 50% Rally for These 2 Stocks

Stocks started this year with heft gains, edged back last week, and now are rising again. The big tech giants led the moves, with volatility in Apple and Amazon leading the NASDAQ on its gyrations. The strategy team at investment bank Goldman Sachs have taken notice of the market shakeups, and are working out what it means for investors. According to macro strategist Gurpreet Gill, watching bond yields and stock values closely, “The rise in global yields is a reflection of improved growth prospects given encouraging vaccine progress and in the US forthcoming sizeable fiscal stimulus. [It] also signals higher inflation expectations and in turn pulled forward expectations for the timing of monetary policy normalization.” Monetary policy may be key to calming investor worries – and on that score, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony to Congress is seen as positive. In his comments to lawmakers, the head of the central bank indicated that the Fed has no intention to raise interest rates any time soon. So far, the outlook is in-line with predictions made by Goldman economist Jan Hatzius, who stated his belief earlier this year that the

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