State may lift the cap on the number of Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries –

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A state board will decide Thursday whether to lift a rule that caps the number of Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries at 60.

The proposed rule change before the Ohio Board of Pharmacy doesn’t specify a new cap. Instead it allows the panel to determine the number of dispensaries after looking at the state’s population, the number of patients seeking medical marijuana and the geographic distribution of current sites, said Ali Simon, a spokeswoman for the board.

It is unknown how many more dispensaries would be allowed to open if the cap is lifted.

“The Board has not made a final decision at this time,” Simon said in an email. “Any decision that is made will be done so at a public meeting of the Board.”

The proposed change is coming after Ohio medical marijuana patients were surveyed last year about the program, including about the distances they traveled to get product. About 20% said they traveled over 30 miles from home to dispensaries, which may have to do with locations far from their homes, patients shopping at stores that are close to workplaces or because certain dispensaries carry products that they want.

Currently, 57 companies hold provisional

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