Survey Finds Almost 70 Percent of Clinicians Believe Cannabis Has Therapeutic Value

The overwhelming majority of United States clinicians believe cannabis has medicinal value, according to a new survey released last month.

The findings, published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, showed that almost 70 percent of the clinicians surveyed “believe that cannabis has medicinal uses,” while a little more than 26 percent said they had recommended marijuana to patients.

“Clinicians who believed cannabis had medicinal uses had 5.9 times the adjusted odds (95% confidence interval 3.9–8.9) of recommending cannabis to patients,” the researchers involved in the survey wrote. “Beliefs about conditions for medical cannabis use did not necessarily align with the current scientific evidence. Nearly two-thirds (60.0%) of clinicians surveyed incorrectly reported the legal status of cannabis in their state.”

They added, in conclusion: “Findings suggest that while clinicians believe that cannabis has medicinal uses, they may not have a full understanding of the scientific evidence and may not accurately understand their state-based policies for cannabis legalization and use. Given that clinicians are responsible for recommending medicinal cannabis in most states that have legalized it, ongoing education about the health effects of cannabis is warranted.”

The findings of the survey are telling, though probably not that surprising. Medical cannabis has been made legal in

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