Top Misconceptions About Cannabis in Mexico, Part 2

In Part 1 of this multipart series, we debunked various incorrect ideas, impressions and rumors we repeatedly hear in the Mexico cannabis practice. In this post, we will address five additional, common misconceptions, in order to help guide a healthy discussion on the real status of cannabis legalization in Mexico. Do the following misconceptions ring any bells? Keep reading!

Now that the Medical Regulations are official, I can export any type of CBD products to Mexico.

No! We cannot insist enough on this point. We have observed prospective American exporters being misled by potential Mexican distributors that with the proper COFEPRIS approval they can get their products into the country. The reality is that only CBD products that can qualify as medicine (medicamento) per the definition provided for in the General Health Law will get a medical product health registration from COFEPRIS, which is a precondition to obtain an import permit. This means that under the Medical Regulations, CBD edibles, cosmetics, drinks, supplements, etc. cannot be exported at the moment. Everyone else is operating in a VERY legal gray area, to say the least.

Narcos will get on board with legalization, using this opportunity to get legal.

This idea is

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