Virginia Attorney General Calls for Marijuana Legalization in the State

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is getting impatient waiting for the state’s lawmakers to move forward on marijuana legalization. On Saturday, he published an op-ed in Virginia newspaper the Daily Press advising them to “decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, address past convictions and start moving toward legal and regulated adult use.”

Perhaps the intended audience of the editorial is Virginia’s House Republicans, who have effectively blocked most legislation that would open access to cannabis and reduce its related penalties for possession in the state. Though hopes were high at the start of the year, the state assembly declined to pass two different plans to legalize cultivation and personal use.

Even while many states around the country march forward towards cannabis regulation, many conservative legislators still see the issue as a potential landmine in the upcoming November elections.

In a rare moment of forward motion, the Virginia Senate did pass a bill allowing school nurses to administer medicinal cannabis to students in February. During the same week, SB 1157 got the go ahead, authorizing nurses and doctors to prescribe THC-A and CBD oil and lays the groundwork for future regulations around medicinal cannabis in topical, capsule, lozenge, and suppository

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